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Want to know more about accounting?

Check out these links to a few accounting sites. I found these helpful in my recent accounting class. Other sites that server an educational purpose are.

Does Management Value its Employees?

While driving home from work tonight, I heard Clark Howard tell a story about a Mutual fund investment manager. This manager would visit a company before he invested money in the company. He would make an appointment to talk with…

Vendor Evaluation Sheet Template

Vendor Evaluation Template is an excel spreadsheet that will allow you to do a simple evaluation of multiple vendors responding to a procurement activity. The template is a good example of the “weighting system” of vendor evaluations. What is a…

Recommended Wood Working Sites

Thanks to Uncle Benny for supplying these great sites. 

Email Etiquette

Source: Construct your copy list on a need-to-know basis. Be careful in using large distribution lists for highly focused topics. Use formal language (with complete sentences, business letter formats and correct spelling) and a well-thought-out structure when communicating with…