Discussion with Justin (Project Management Culture)

Over the last few days, I have participated in a discussion with Justin on various Project Management Topics. With his permission, I am sharing our discussions with you as a series of posts.

The first topic on project management that I’d like to discuss would be the barriers to establishing strong project management practices and baking project management into the culture of companies big and small.

Primary barrier is the value proposition. Many folks jump on the project management band wagon without a basic understanding of what it is, what it does, how it works, and most importantly what it means to the culture.

Therefore, we want project management. OK, Why? What problem will it solve and how? What form or project management do we want? Are we prepared for decisions to be made by project managers? Will we have a PMO? If so, what will that look like? It is strategic or tactical PMO? Do we understand the difference?

Next if the company does not have the PM skill set in house, how will you go about getting it? It takes a great PM to interview PM’s and select a great PM. Any idiot can interview and select a bad PM. How long will it take to find out?


I fully agree with your response and see teams continue to struggle in project execution and management make knee-jerk decisions based upon superficial and often inaccurate data. All due to poor project management, bad project managers, and the lack of organizational adoption and understanding of project management practices.

You mention the value proposition. An issue that has recently been researched by PMI. They should have or soon will publish their finding. I watched a webcast on it, I liked what I saw, and the information presented.

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