Discussion with Justin (Project Management Awareness)

What are some good ways to improve project management awareness, understanding, adoption, and execution in a project team?

Let us assume that the culture of the team is one that does not understand project management. In this case, I have conducted 3 to 5 day “quick start” project planning meeting. In these meeting, we cover each of the initial project planning steps as a team. First, I teach the theory, then we apply that theory to a real project. For example on day one, I spend a couple of hours on the purpose of a project charter, and then we write a project charter. Next, I talk about WBS, and then we do a WBS. Then comes activities, tasks, sequencing, resource assignments, effort, risks, etc. We end with a list of action items that must be completed to baseline the plan.

This technique educates this project team on techniques and sets expectation for performance. It also goes a long way to build the team.

Use this approach project by project and soon the organization will understand PM.

I like your approach and will look to adopt it going forward.

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