Does Management Value its Employees?

While driving home from work tonight, I heard Clark Howard tell a story about a Mutual fund investment manager. This manager would visit a company before he invested money in the company. He would make an appointment to talk with the CEO, COO or CFO then travel to the company to talk with them. When he arrived at the reception area he would ask to use the bathroom. If the bathroom was filthy, he would return to reception and say that he had to reschedule then not invest in that company. His reason was that if the management cared so little about the employees to not even give them a clean bathroom then “he knew all he needed to know” about that company.

Apparently another criteria he used was assigned parking spaces for the executives. His thought there was that the executes were advertising loud and clear that they were better than the rank and file.

What do you thing of the investment mangers logic? I love simple and elegant solutions. This one qualifies. It is effective, It is simple to implement and understand, Best of all I think it works.

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