Status Reporting

Reporting the status of your project is the single most important way to keep your stakeholders informed on the progress, direction, and health of your project. What follows are lessons on reporting different aspects of your project.

Software Test Status / Defect Reporting
A good way to monitor and reportĀ  test progress is to track

  • the number of test cases started as a percentage of the complete set
  • track the number of new test cases started each week
  • the number that fail

From this you can predict the number of weeks you have left to complete the first pass of functional testing.

Graphs are much more effective in communicating defect status compared to tables with the same information. The graphs can contain more historical information and are easier to defend.

Use one graph with cumulative defects found and cumulative defects resolved. Use another graph for number of defects entered, resolved, verified, and closed per period (usually per month).

Design the defect tracking process to separate defects on a per release basis. It does not matter when the defect was fixed (in terms of the release) just that is was fixed.

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