Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Assessments

I have participated in 5 CMM assessments (1 as a assessment lead, 2 as a team member, and 2 as the internal representative). What follows are some of the tools I use to successfully execute a CMM assessment.

Any assessment can (and should) be treated as a project. As such the assessment project has a schedule. Download this MS Project Schedule CMM Assessment Template. The template has a detailed set of activities and tasks to prepare for and execute the assessment.

Once at the organization the team lead will give a kick-off presentation. Download this MS Power Point CMM Assessment Kickoff Presentation Template.

During the assessment the assessment team will be interviewing team members from the organization. To reduce the risk of getting less than complete disclosure during the interviews the assessment lead must set the tone and expectations at the start of each interview. Download this MS Word CMM Assessment Interview Procedure that details the interview kick-off procedure.

To help track the “scores” from the assessment team I use a tool to help track them. Download this MS Excel CMM Assessment Scoring Sheet.

At the end of the assessment the team lead will give a final presentation that contains the results of the assessment. Download this MS Power Point CMM Assessment Final Presentation Template.

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